This Free Tool Exposes the Cloud Spend of Netflix and Any Other Company

Netflix talks openly about how it uses AWS to support its streaming platform, but how much Netflix spends on AWS has always been a secret. Until now.

The thing is, every company that uses AWS and other cloud services has something called a cloud footprint. For Netflix to work, packets of data must traverse data centers, dns servers, content delivery networks, and other public cloud infrastructure.

At Intricately, we monitor the journey and volume of these packets to determine a) which cloud services a company uses and b) how much they’re being used. With this information, we can estimate a company’s “cloud spend.”

Let’s take a look at Netflix’s cloud spend.

Based on Netflix’s utilization of AWS, we estimate that Netflix spends around $9.6 million per month on AWS. And with the free version of Intricately, we can see how this money is allocated across different AWS products.

Like many companies that use AWS, Netflix spends the most on Amazon EC2 ($3 million/mo) and much less on AWS Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon CloudFront, and other AWS products. Intricately also shows us that Netflix spends $1 million/mo or more on Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and Akamai.

Here’s why cloud spend data matters:

Cloud spend data helps marketers at cloud-based companies qualify the right leads. Marketers can see how much a lead is spending on a competitor, how much a lead is spending on cloud technology in total, and how much a lead is spending on a certain cloud category (hosting, CDN, security, etc).

A marketer using Intricately will often enrich their accounts with the following data:

Unlike firmographic data, this data provides more insight into a lead’s propensity to buy. And by qualifying leads based on cloud spend rather than employee count and annual revenue, you can dramatically increase your company’s lead-to-sale conversion rate.

You can view and export this data for Netflix and any other company with the free version of Intricately today.

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