How AppDynamics Can Win the APM Market
Nearly three years ago, Cisco made waves with its acquisition of AppDynamics. According to the SVP of IoT and Applications at Cisco, the company acquired AppDynamics because of its singular focus on the APM market. “Together, AppDynamics and Cisco will be the only company that can deliver complete visibility spanning from the infrastructure to application to end user.”
The APM market grew to $4.3 billion the year after AppDynamics joined Cisco, and is expected to reach nearly $12 billion by 2025. With Intricately, AppDynamics has the chance to identify its ideal customer profile and expand its position within the APM market. 
appdynamics customers by size

Intricately Insight

  • While AppDynamics has a strong base of enterprise customers like Salesforce and DreamWorks, more than half of its customers are startups with fewer than 10 employees. 
  • The ubiquity of cloud applications gives AppDynamics a wide range of customers. Over 500 AppDynamics spend more than $100k on cloud applications every month, but an even higher number spend less than $1k per month. 
  • AppDynamics does not have the same global presence as some of its competitors; nearly half of its customers are located in the North American market. 

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