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How New Relic Can Win the APM Market

How New Relic Can Grow in the Competitive APM

New Relic has come swinging back from some worrisome headlines last year. It ended up hitting $600 million in revenue for FY2020 (which ended on March 31), a 25 percent year-over-year increase.

New Relic faces stiff competition from others in the space. With Intricately’s insights, New Relic has the opportunity to expand its market share by understanding its total addressable market in the APM space, as well as how to define its ideal customer profile based on prospective customer usage and spend insights.
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How New Relic could hit $1 billion with Intricately

  • With a SaaS model for APM, it’s unsurprising that the vast majority of New Relic customers are startups with fewer than 10 employees. Just 2 percent of New Relic customers are enterprise companies.
  • New Relic’s current customer breakdown does not represent the total addressable market. More than 25,000 companies in North America use more than 50 applications, making them an ideal customer for New Relic.
  • The majority of New Relic customers are in the EMEA region, providing an opportunity to expand in all other markets.

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Intricately monitors the adoption, usage and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products, analyzing the cloud usage of more than 7 million companies worldwide. Our proprietary Global Sensor Network gives us an entirely unique dataset for companies like New Relic. Using this real-time information gives Intricately direct insight into New Relic customers, spending and growth.

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