How Splunk Can Win the APM Market

The Data-to-Everything Platform: What Does Splunk’s Growth Look Like?

With roots in Big Data and the cloud, it’s no surprise that Splunk maintains its status as a market leader in everything from data analytics to application portfolio management.  2019 was a big year for Splunk. Total revenue for the fiscal year was nearly $2.4 billion, a 31 percent increase from the year before.

Splunk’s APM business is growing — and has the chance to grow exponentially in 2020. With its $1 billion acquisition of SignalFx and the subsequent acquisition of real-time data solution Streamlio, the company shifted to cloud-first services and solutions. Combining all of its services, Splunk has now positioned itself as the “Data-to-Everything” platform for APM, cloud monitoring and advanced data analytics.  Five years from now, corporations will generate 175 zettabytes of data in a single year. Managing complex cloud infrastructure will only become more complicated — and Splunk is now positioned to take on the challenge. Intricately’s data platform has insights that can help Splunk identify their total addressable market for the APM market, as well as define their ideal customer profiles in order to improve prospecting and prioritization.
splunk customers by size

Intricately Insight

  • Splunk has more than 12,000 customers around the world.
  • Notable customers include CenturyLink, REI and AFLAC.
  • While Splunk’s customers are evenly distributed between SMBs and enterprise companies, enterprise remains a key target market.
  • As of last year, 92 of the US Fortune 100 companies are Splunk customers.
Splunk has significant opportunity for growth, with 250,000 companies in the North American market deploying an analytics or big data solution. Splunk has 5,000 employees and counting, with offices and customers spread across the world.

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